USC® knows body filler and we also know about grit. Our sandpapers range from good, better and best—from the USC brand to Gold Pro and now NEW Purple Premium. All offer best cut, best performance and best value, and are available in discs, in various grits for PSA, Hook & Loop and Hook & Loop vacuum. Choose the best version of USC Abrasives for the job.

Purple Premium Abrasives

With the Purple Premium line of film-backed abrasives, we've redefined the category. We've optimized grains to stay sharper, longer. We've created a proprietary mix of coarse grains for heavy duty applications. We've improved scratch quality and adhesion—significantly. And, we've continued to use USC’s unique vacuum hole pattern so you can run cooler, longer.

Part #: USC.991820

Price and Units

Units: BOX/50

Units: BOX/50
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