Special Lite™ Lightweight Filler. Special Lite is a creamy body filler with a smooth texture that is easy to spread and sands to a fine featheredge. The non-sag formula is perfect for repairing vertical surfaces.

  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Sands to a fine featheredge
  • Ideal for use on veritcal surfaces
  • Tack free.  Clog free.

  • COLOR: Off-White (as packaged)

    MIX: 2% by weight (50:1 ratio) with supplied hardener.

    SUBSTRATE: Steel. Aluminum. Fiberglass. Body Filler. Wood. 2K Primers. Aged, sanded OEM topcoats. Galvanized and other zinc-coated steel. SMC.

    SUGGESTED USE: Use for filling and repair of minor body work up to 1/4", such as dents, dings, rust, hail damage and small holes.

    TOP COAT: Polyester, 2K urethane and 1K primer. Finishing putty.

    Part #: USC.15310

    Price and Units

    Units: CSE/4

    Units: CSE/4
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