Electronic Thickness Gauge :: ETG-2



  Designed for body shops, dealerships, painters, appraisers, inspectors, detailers and professional car buyers.
  • Show customers where extra work is needed.
  • Conclusively identify all previous refinish work.
  • Enhance reputation and win new customers.
  • Know when paint is too thin to buff.
  • ETG is the only gauge chosen by the dealer equipment programs of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.
  • Optional P models enable downloading of measurements to PC's and printers.
  • All models display readings in mils or microns.
  • Comes complete wiht remote probe on a cable, memory, audible min-max warning, calibration plates, precision calibration foils, heavy-duty foam lined carrying case and battery

General Specifications

Accuracy: +/- 1% or .10 mil/thous
Range: 0-40 thou/mils, 0-1000 microns
Min. Surface Area: .3/4" square
min tubing od (convex): 3/8" dia
min tubing id (concave): 4" dia
(pin must make good contact)
Weight: Net Weight: 9oz.
w/case: 1 lb. 8oz.
Ship wt: 2 lbs.
Print Model w/case: 1 lb. 11oz.
Print Model ship wt.: 3 lbs.
Dimensions: gauge: 3" x 5.5" x 1.5" (height tapers to 1.25")
probe: 3/8" diameter. 1.5" (working height 2.5")
cable: 29"
case: 8.5" x 7" x 3"
Surface Temperature: Up to 425 degrees w/o constant contact
ETG-2 No. 5437-2

Part #: PM.54372

Price and Units

Units: EACH

Units: EACH
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