Scuffing Paste - Does the hard work for you!

Save time and money with #5802/5803 designed as a de-glazing paste for original finishes, to promote adhesion prior to painting. Ensures cleanliness, a consistent surface profile and reduced sand scratch swelling. Easy to use in hard-to-reach places (for prep and blend) such as door jambs, handles and pinch welds on plastic bumpers. Rinses off with water quickly without leaving residue or film.

  • For Plastic Bumpers & Blend Panels
  •  Works well in Hard-to-Reach Areas
  •  Save Time & Money on Paint Prep
  •  Enhances Paint Adhesion
  •  Removes Waxes, Sealers, Road Film & Soil
  •  Easy Rinse for a Quick Clean System


Mix and shake well before using. For bumper prep or blend panels, use 1/2 oz. or less applied to a gray scuff pad. Scuff 4 ft. x 4 ft. area with smoothstrokes and in a cross-hatched pattern. Apply until a matte finish is created. As pad begins to dry add more scuffing paste. Make sure to keep pad wet with suds to remove road film and contaminants from your surface. When finished, be sure to spray all material off with water.

Part #: FIVE.5802

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Units: QUART

Units: QUART
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Part #: FIVE.5803
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