7-IN-1 Workbench

  • 7 different functions including: workbench, saw horse, scaffold, platform, car creeper, dolly and hand truck
  • 550lb max capacity in scaffold and platform mode and 330lb max in other modes
  • Includes integrated power strip for standard power cords and USB devices
  • 4 caster wheels (2 straight, 2 swivel) attach for car creeper, dolly and hand truck modes
  • 43 x 21.75 work surface, 20.5 to 30.75 working height
  • Design features an extending tool tray, hanging hook, push bar. 2 vice pegs, 2 quick clamp connection ports and extendable locking legs


  • Net Weight: 14kgs / 30.9lbs
  • Work Platform Size: 109 x 55cm (3'6.9" x 1'9.7")
  • Work Height: 56/80cm (1'10"/2'7.5")
  • Loading Capacity:
  • Workbench/Sawhorse Mode: 150kgs (330lbs)
  • Scaffold/Platform Mode: 250kgs (550lbs)
  • Car Creeper & Dolly Mode: 150kgs (330lbs)
  • Hand Truck Mode: 150kgs (330lbs)

Part #: AP.55670

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Units: EACH
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