3Mô Clear Auto Sealer 08551

  • Part Number: 08551
  • UPC: 51135085516
  • Stock Number: 60455055008
A non-yellowing, optically clear sealer designed for sealing drip moldings, reveal moldings, truck ornaments, tail lights, and other automotive sealing applications were a clear sealer is needed.

Note: Laws controlling the acceptable amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) vary by state, and in some cases by locality. This product is restricted in one or more places in the U.S. If you are unable to find this product locally, please ask your local distributor for information on local rules products and available alternatives.

Product Description

Clear, fast drying, sealant that stays flexible and is color stable. This product is used for sealing leaks in windshields, reveal moldings, truck ornaments, taillights and other small seams on the auto body.

Additional Product Information

3M Part Number 08551
UPC 51135085516
Color Clear
Paint Time NA
Work Time 1 to 5 Minutes
Dry Time variable, depending on conditions such as temp, humidity and product thickness
Brand 3M
Size 5 fl oz (US)

Part #: 3M.8551

Price and Units

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